Are Websites Going to Become Obsolete?

Are Websites Going to Become Obsolete?

How important is it to have a website for your business?

Do you need a custom website that costs thousands of dollars?

With so many websites in the world, how hard is it to rank for meaningful keywords?

These are just some of the questions that we considered when looking towards the future of websites and how the general public interacts with the web.  Smart devices that include Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, and even Cortana are answering user’s questions without taking them to websites.

Google displays answers on the search page and doesn’t require you to actually visit the website.  Even though we love how many services Google gives away for free, we can’t forget that they are in the business of selling ads and collecting data.

Trying to make an appointment at a hair salon?  Artificial intelligence can call the salon and make an appointment based on the calendar it already manages for you.

Is the future creepy, a little.  Is it coming faster than we think, absolutely!

All of these are reasons we do what we do here at Toast Local.  A business owner can refuse to participate on social media, send out newsletters, or rank your Google My Business listing, but I promise you that your competitors will fill the void.

Our local search optimization services not only include a full revamp of your Google listing, but we log into your account multiple times per week to updates user data, add posts, add photos, and “play the game” on your behalf. We can’t answer the question – “Are websites going to become obsolete?” But we can help you plan for whatever turns the future brings.

Are you wondering if this could work for your business, let us prove it to you!