How to keep reviews from being filtered on Google

How to keep reviews from being filtered on Google

Google reviews have become an increasingly important part of online reputation, but Google filters some reviews because Google views them as “spam” or as not meeting certain guidelines. If a review is filtered, it won’t show up on Google maps and can cause issues for businesses down the line. So, let’s take a look at some tips to keep Google reviews from getting filtered!

First and foremost, make sure that your clients follow Google’s guidelines when writing their reviews.

The most common reason why Google might filter a review is that it violates one of the company’s policies. Avoid using offensive language or content, making unfounded claims about services or products, including personal information like phone numbers and emails in the review, etc.

Another tip is to ask your customers to add a photo or video when posting their reviews.

Google tends to take reviews more seriously if they come with credible visual evidence. Photos and videos make Google reviews look more genuine since it confirms that the customer actually visited your business location.

Finally, if you are asking for reviews, slow down your campaigns to a more natural review level.

Google frowns upon businesses that are constantly pushing for Google reviews, so be sure to avoid spamming your customers with review requests.

Google Reviews can be a great way to boost your business’ presence, but they must be handled with care in order to remain valid. By following Google’s policies and best practices, you can help ensure that your Google reviews stay visible on Google Maps and don’t get filtered out.

Using AI is never perfect.  Some real reviews may get filtered out as spam.  You can try to reach out to customer support if you have a valid claim.  It might help to have a screenshot of the review from your customer before contacting Google Business Support

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