Arnie Robinson

Arnie started his career as a computer programmer and website designer back in 2000 when he launched his first website for a company. Since then he has made hundreds of websites in his 20 year career. As the marketing of websites became an essential business function, Arnie focused on the digital marketing of websites as the industry was born and has since evolved.  Arnie is truly a pioneer of the digital marketing industry.

To sharpen his business and marketing skills Arnie first obtained an MBA and kept on working to receive a Ph.D. in marketing. The Ph.D. gave Arnie a very strong analytical skillset and he is very comfortable with Data Analytics.

Arnie is currently a full time Clinical Professor at Colorado State University where he teaches undergraduate Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Digital Advertising. He also developed and teaches a digital marketing course and a SEO/SEM course for the MBA program. In addition to his full time teaching Arnie owns and operates two digital marketing companies.