5 Top Reasons Why Your Business is Not Showing Up on Google Maps

Google Maps is an incredible tool for businesses. It allows people to find your venture’s location with the utmost ease. If you are a business owner, you can always run a test to see if it will appear on the search results. In case it does not show up, that would mean something is wrong, and you need to find a solution as soon as possible. Otherwise, you might keep missing out on potential customers who are genuinely interested in your products or services.

There are several reasons why your business may not show up on Google Maps. Here are the most common issues.

1. Your Business Lacks Enough Prominence

Sometimes, your business will not appear on Google Maps because it is not well-known. The Google algorithm prioritizes search results by prominence. You will find that more popular concerns like the well-established local pizza joint appear among the top results on Google. If your business competitors are more prominent, then your business will come after them in the search results.

2. Your Business is Not Verified on Google Maps

The top Google Maps ranking factors are prominence, distance, and relevance. However, if your business is not listed, it will not appear on the search results. While that may be unlikely, verification is the more likely problem. To become verified, you need to create and claim your Google My Business profile.

After that, you need to confirm your profile through email or a phone call. Google will then validate that your business is in a particular location. Consequently, it will start showing up on Google Maps.

3. You Share Business Premises

If your business shares an office with another, you may not appear on Google Maps. Sharing the same address with another company does not augur well with Google. Fortunately, there is a way around this issue.

The best approach is to add a suite number next to your Google address. When you do this, Google will undoubtedly appreciate the distinction. And both businesses will appear on Google Maps as two separate entities. If you don’t have a suite number, you can always contact Google, and they will be happy to help you.

4. You Have Changed or Added Your Business Location 

If you have recently changed or added your business premises, it may not appear on the Google search results. You may not know that Google takes time to adjust such details. Wait for at least 3 to 4 days, and Google Maps will update the listing. After that, your prospects can easily find your business on Google.

5. Google has Disabled or Suspended Your Listing

Some quality issues are sensitive. They can lead Google to suspend or disable your listing. Unfortunately, Google will hardly point out your mistake. It could be that you have used multiple addresses for the same business, or you have several verified listings on Google. Sometimes, your information, such as your phone number and address on the web, is inconsistent. Such a scenario may raise suspicions, forcing Google to disable your listing.

If this is your current predicament, contact Google support. Once they tell you the cause of suspending or disabling your account, rectify the problem, and your listing could be reinstated.

Final Thoughts

Before you ask, “Why is my business not showing up on Google My Business?”  you want to check if any of the issues listed above affect your listing. If you have done everything right, but your establishment still ranks low on search results, you need help.

Toast Local is a service provider that helps small businesses to dominate their local Google search results. Contact us today, and we will be more than happy to help your business rank higher.

How to Share Your My Google Business Profile With Clients

Increasing your brand’s visibility on the internet should be your ultimate goal. You are a step ahead if you already have your Google My Business listing. But how can you leverage this progress and get more clients? Let’s find out how you can share your Google Business profile with your clients.

The Importance of a Google Business Profile

Never underestimate what a Google My Business account can do if you adopt it as a marketing strategy. A Google Business profile helps your business grow by attracting potential clients – they will know what services you offer as well as how to get them.

Why should you give the GMB listing idea a thought?

  • Manage your brand’s information

Here is a chance to notify your clients and prospects about your business through regular updates. Updates about working hours, location, as well as contact details are what will boost your SEO ranking, increasing your brand’s visibility.

  • Establish a reputation

Google incorporates reviews and star ratings for services offered by various brands. Your clients will influence your business’s visibility depending on other people’s experiences. Prospects refer to reviews before deciding if your services are any good.

  • Convert prospects into clients

Google My Business has a book an appointment feature that helps prospects plan on visiting your company. Clients who are still scouting for services might choose your listing over the rest by checking your GMB profile.

How Does Google Rank Your Google My Business Listing?

Google analyzes all business listings and ranks them based on several factors, including:

  • Relevance – Does your GMB listing match the search intent?
  • Where is your business located, and how far is the searcher from the business?
  • Prominence – What’s the experience like when using your services? What do other people think? And what’s your SEO ranking?
  • Google Analytics – These features optimize your brand awareness, increase traffic, as well as attract prospects.

How to Use My Google Business Profile to Attract Clients

How can you use a My Google Business listing to gain more customers? Below are the areas you should work on!

1. Work on your profile

A complete Google Business profile compels potential clients to try your services. Accurate information also places you above competitors by boosting your relevance score. Google detects information like what your business is about, its location, and when you are open.

As a business owner with a GMB listing, update business hours when they change. Let clients know if you are available during holidays, weekends, and at what time.

2. Verify location

Google displays the most verified locations on search engines. A Google product with a valid location also improves the SEO score.

3. Include your business’s images and videos

My Google Business Profile has a logo and brand photo. Images that relate to the business, such as location photos, increase its recognition.

4. Don’t miss out on keywords

Your brand remains relevant with specific keywords. Google Analytics can help provide answers to search queries.

Work on your ranking by incorporating keywords organically. Don’t forget that the keywords should also match your brand’s description.

5. Reviews are magical.

Reviews are critical in determining a business’s credibility – prospective clients are likely to believe what other people think of your service. These will be reflected in your SEO score.

Always ask for reviews and ratings when you are sure that you gave an excellent service. Google usually has a link for customers to share their experiences interacting with your brand.

While positive reviews influence visibility, negative ones could be why your online presence is not tangible. Respond to negative reviews by empathizing and even apologizing for your shortcomings.

Your customers are the reason you’re still running your business; why not strive to make them happy? The idea is to connect with customers by paying attention to their concerns.

6. Update your business details regularly

If you ever change any details, update your Google My Business listing. For example, if you change location or working hours, update this.


A Google My Business listing can be worthless if it doesn’t attract prospects and clients. Customers will easily find you with these tips as well as improve your ranking. If you are unsure about how to use Google My Business to get more clients, contact us today for insights.

Get Into The Top 3 Local Search Results

The number one question that we get asked is “How do I get into the top 3 and ensure my business shows up in the local business results when someone searches on Google?”  The business owner or manager then wants to know how much it will cost and what their budget needs to be.

Unfortunately, there is not a guaranteed solution to ensure your business ranks in the top spot for every search result in your town.  You could argue that if your town was small enough to only have one plumber, one gas station, one restaurant, one chiropractor etc. that it would be easy to guarantee search results for those listings, but I doubt that type of business owner is still reading this.

If you get a phone call from someone that can guarantee your local ranking results please send them our way.  I have a never-ending list of business ideas that would be extremely successful in New York City if they can guarantee my listing appears first in all search results.

“In life, there are no guarantees, only opportunities” ~Unknown

Define your search goals

What keywords would you like your business to rank for?  What do your customers search for to find your business?  You would be surprised what search terms potential customers are using to actually find your business.  Take a look at the insights for your Google My Business profiles and you might be shocked.  Here are some examples of business owners not realizing what they rank for…

  1. A plumber would like to rank for water heater installs, but only gets calls for toilet repair.
  2. Used car lot would like to rank for used trucks but keeps getting calls about truck repair.
  3. Self-storage facility only gets calls about RV and boat storage.
  4. The restaurant owner would like to be in the top 3 for margaritas, but only gets inquiries for quesadillas.

The list goes on and on.  We try to tell clients that no lead is a bad lead, but sometimes they are just too far out of left field.

“If you don’t know where you are going,
you’ll end up someplace else.” ― Yogi Berra

Follow Google’s Guidelines for Small Businesses

This is a long-term game and over the years Google has tried to keep the playing field even.  This area of marketing is one were the local mom and pop coffee shop can outperform the Starbucks Coffee Giant.  If someone has called your business and offered a guarantee, questionable advice you can visit the Google My Business Support Pages to verify their claims.  Some of the tips that you will find include…

Engage with your customers via the Google My Business Service.

    1. Respond to reviews
    2. Post business updates
    3. Add messenger capabilities
    4. Post photos
    5. Share your menu or services offered

This is just a small list of things we suggest for small business owners to help them rank in the top 3.  If ou would like a free review of your Google listing please give us a call